The Bonny Method

What is it?

Bonny Method is a relaxation based therapy radically different from talking therapies. Here the music acts as therapist that stimulates the client to form and explore imagery that arises from the inner self. Those images contain insights that lead to self-development, growth, problem solving and integration of unresolved issues. With the encouragement of a trained guide, the client unveils both the issues and their solutions.

What happens in a session?

The sessions, which are one-to-one, last between 1½ – 2hrs.


The thoughts, feeling states, issues and energy the client brings into the room informs the choice of music. Next, in preparation for the travel the client lies on a comfortable couch, where (s)he is inducted into a state of deep relaxation.

Music Travel

This is the heart of the session where a client’s personal themes will first emerge, then re-emerge and deepen. The guide facilitates this process while listening to the imagery that the client narrates. As a client acclimatises to this new way of listening and narrating, (s)he will experience a new connection to her/his inner self through music.


The client is brought back into a alert state during which (s)he is  encouraged to reflect on the experiences (s)he has in this and previous sessions.

Sessions are spaced at 3 weeks intervals to allow time for insights to be processed in between the sessions.